Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Beth and I decided to go to the mall to get dinner at the outdoor food court. As we finished up our food I looked over at the large mansion that was situated next to the mall, but back a little further from the road. I noticed a black Lincoln Continental parked toward the front of the large, circular driveway. It was then that I remembered that there was an arranged pick-up with three prominent mobsters in the area. They were to park near the Lincoln and take whatever had been left in the trunk for them. This would be the perfect opportunity to identify some of the criminals we'd been after for a long time.

Suddenly, Beth and I are inside the parked car. She’s in the driver’s seat, and I’m right beside her. We would’ve switched, but right then I saw a car pulling into the driveway. It was an old, junky car…they probably stole it specifically for this pickup so that we wouldn’t be able to identify them by their car.

Our windows were tinted very dark, and the sun was setting, so the chances were small that they would realize anyone was in the car. We cracked the windows so that we would be able to hear them talk, in case they divulged any sensitive information that could help me with my investigation. As they pulled up behind us and got out of the car, I heard shouts and commotion. They knew we were there! I threw the car into drive and told Beth to step on it!

We pulled out onto the road with the mobsters in hot pursuit. Our car was much faster than theirs, and we had a full tank of gas, so I knew we could outrun them, and eventually lose them. I needed to be driving because I was a better tactical driver, but we couldn’t risk getting into an accident. At the next intersection I had Beth lay her seat flat and climb into the back while I took the driver’s seat. I took off like a shot and lost them within a few miles.

I wasn’t sure how they knew we were in the car. They couldn’t have seen us in there, but they may have been watching the car and saw us get in. Of course, there was always the possibility that we had been setup. If that was the case, then they would know where we lived and we didn’t have much time. I pulled into the driveway of the house I grew up in and we went inside. I figured we had a couple of hours before they could get here, but we needed to pack and leave as quickly as possible. Beth wanted to do a load of laundry first, because some of the clothes she wanted to take were dirty. I protested but immediately saw that my arguing was futile. She was doing laundry whether I liked it or not. As we waited for the washer to finish I went into the crawlspace under the stairs and started makeshifting a hiding place for Beth in case the mob caught up with us quicker than we expected.

It had been a while and I was getting uneasy just sitting in our house, so I went to get Beth so we could leave now. She had fallen asleep in the laundry room. I woke her up and we went up the stairs to leave, but I saw the mobsters’ car outside. I told Beth to get in the crawlspace downstairs as I ran out on the front lawn with my glock. They immediately opened fire so I dropped on the grass and started shooting. I knew there were three of them, so I put one shot through the passenger side window, and another into the backseat. Judging by the yells I heard, I figured I hit the two I was aiming for. I put a few shots into the driver’s side as I ran to our car. I figured we had time to get away now because they would most likely be driving to the hospital. We’d easily be able to I.D. the two that I shot because shootings were rare in our town.

As I started the car I looked up to see, to my horror, the third guy running into the house. I saw him run upstairs and knew he was chasing Beth. I threw the car in drive and tore around to the back side of the house hoping she’d emerge just as I pulled up. I was a little late, and she ran to the front of the house and up onto the road. I pulled up next to her, and tried to unlock the door, but I kept hitting the window button. Now he was running onto the road and firing at me. He caught up to Beth and grabbed her so I rolled the window down, put three in his chest, got Beth in the car, and drove off.

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