Wednesday, May 9, 2007

fight night...

I was in a Jurassic Park-like forest helping to cover my friend's project with a huge circus tent. Some evening thundershowers had been forcasted on the news, and we wanted to keep Ray's newest teen-project safe from the elements. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, but the whole setup was about the size of a locomotive engine, and had an alarm system designed to go off if anyone entered the tent during the night. Ray had also procured a security firm to guard over the project overnight, seeing as how it was out in the middle of nowhere and would be vulnerable for several hours.
Once we had finished covering everything with the giant tent, Ray had to go to his truck to check on something, so he told me the alarm code so I could go in and set it. After doing so, I walked outside where the two guards who had been sent by the security company were waiting for me. They were totally unkempt and seemed to be intoxicated. One of them was gaunt and sickly looking, the other was a barrel-chested, heavy-set man with a thick beard and a squint in one eye. The bigger man smiled at me and said, “So, you know the alarm code, do ya’?” There was a mischievous glint in his eyes as he waited for my response.
“Yeah, I just set it. We’ll be back in the morning to make sure everything is alright.”
“Well maybe you’ll tell me the code right now, boy.”
“I’m pretty sure I won’t. See you tomorrow.”
As I pushed past the two, the large man started after me, when out of nowhere, Marc Rhodes came flying out of the brush and attacked him. The two guards turned to confront Marc and things were about to get pretty ugly. The big man was livid and started toward Marc, but I grabbed his arm, spun him around, threw my arms around him from behind and dropped to the ground. I had him in a submission hold as he wriggled and roared trying to escape. As calmly as I could, I told him I’d let go if he’d calm down and leave us alone. After another minute or two of struggling, he finally agreed.
I’m not sure why we trusted the two men at this point, but we started toward our vehicles so we could head home and get some rest. As I got into my truck, I saw Ramon sitting in my passenger seat. He demanded that I tell him the alarm code immediately. By now I was so angry that I blindly attacked him as he pulled the door handle and scrambled out. Adam Stark had been behind me in his own car and saw Ramon flee into the woods. As I started after him, Adam reached into my backseat to grab my glock from its case. I stopped my pursuit when I saw this, and returned to the truck to calm Adam down and convince him to leave the gun. He put the gun down and I started after Ramon.
I had no intention of hurting Ramon, I just wanted to scare him a little. As I came into a clearing, I saw him heading toward the backside of a building that had an old, wooden staircase running up the side of it. As he reached the building, he jumped up from the underside of the stairs and started to climb through the wooden slats. He had almost slipped through when I reached him. I grabbed one of his legs and started pulling him back down when I felt something in his sock. I pulled it out and let him go when I realized what it was. It was a $50 gift card for The Olive Garden. I was satisfied with my find and headed back toward my truck, smug with the fact that I would be dining tonight at Ramon’s expense.