Saturday, February 17, 2007


I'm at work when my colleague hands me a map drawn on an old piece of deer hide and tells me that there's a secret treasure hidden nearby and this hide is the map. Of course, I jump at the chance to become instantly wealthy...after all, I figure if a guy takes the time to acquire a deerskin just to draw a map to his hidden treasure on it, he must be telling the truth. I take the map and start recruiting treasure hunters to accompany me on my quest.
Once I had my posse, I needed some socks. (I hadn't had any clean socks to put on that morning, but a treasure-hunt could take me anywhere and I didn't want to be without a good pair of socks.) I went to Adam to borrow a pair because, apparently, Adam keeps a dresser full of clothes in our office. Once my feet were nice and comfy, I went out back to jump in my truck. As I was crossing the parking lot, someone walked up and handed me a rope...with a horse tied to the other end. Why hadn't I thought of this? I doubt any hidden treasure would be near a main road. I'd probably have to go trudging through a forest of palmettos to find the place. I grabbed a shovel from the shed out back and mounted my horse. This is when I realize that there's no saddle. I'm sure there isn't a saddle nearby so I set out bareback in search of my treasure with my posse in tow. As we rounded the front of the building, we saw all the rest of our colleagues in formation on the front lawn. Our division director was leading them in calisthenics. Weird.

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