Wednesday, January 17, 2007

movie house

I bought a new house and moved all of my furniture in. Great new place! Very roomy, but my bedroom is exactly the same as my old one. Oh well. I get a good night’s sleep after all the hard work of moving in. The next morning I wake up to find one of those movie shelves from Blockbuster right next to my bed…and it’s full of movies! “Why didn’t I notice this yesterday?” I think to myself. “Oh, wait, this house used to be a Blockbuster…I forgot about that!” I open one of the movie cases and the movie is still in there. Apparently, the Blockbuster people were in such a hurry to leave, that they left all the movies on the shelves. I wander through the rest of the house to find that all the walls are lined with movies! I call Netflix to cancel my account as I begin to peruse the videos to find something to watch. To my dismay, I find that half of these suckers are VHS! Oh well. They’re still free!

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