Tuesday, August 21, 2007

spiders and tigers and guns, oh my!

As I entered the house, I noticed that it was densely overgrown with plants inside. Once inside, I could hardly tell the house apart from a dark, quiet jungle. She led me across the foyer to a window, but as we approached, a snarling tiger leapt out of nowhere and growled in my face.
“Don’t worry,” she said, “he won’t attack you as long as I’m here.” I had no idea who she was, but for some reason, I trusted her.
He slinked back into the darkness and hopped up onto a ledge where he laid down, still eyeing me suspiciously. We went around him, through a window, and dropped down about 8 feet.
There was a cave down there below the house, and as we went to enter it, I felt several “somethings” drop onto my back. I reached my hand back there and grabbed a handful of what felt like hairy spider legs. As I pulled at them, I glanced over my shoulder to see a large spider flatten out on my back and sink his teeth into my flesh. I yanked two of his legs off, but he clung there by his fangs. I felt the rest of the spiders sinking their teeth in as I frantically grabbed at them and tried to pull them off. Their grip was firm, however, and I knew that unless I acted fast, their poison would kill me.
The girl had disappeared into the cave and I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps I shouldn’t have trusted her. It seemed she’d led me into a trap and left me to die. I climbed back up toward the window in search of a phone, and there was the same tiger to greet me, only this time, it wouldn’t be restrained by the presence of the girl. I raced toward the front door and dove outside, slamming the door behind me. I heard a loud thump as the tiger hit the door behind me.
Feeling weakened already by the venom pumping through my veins, I made my way as quickly as I could down the street toward my house and my phone. I dialed 911 and as I finished telling the operator about the where I lived, I heard a car pull into my drive. I knew that this was an abnormally fast response time, so as I went to the front door to let the guys in, I poked my head out to see the ambulance. Before I could see the vehicle, however, the man who’d come pushed me back inside. I noticed that he was not in an EMS uniform as I passed out on the floor.
I passed in and out of consciousness as the man pulled the spiders off of me, one by one, and cleaned and dressed my wounds. I noticed that the spiders went dormant the moment they were off of me, and they didn’t attempt attacking this man who was handling them. They curled their legs neatly as he put them each into a little box.
When I finally woke, I was lying on my face in my bedroom. The box of spiders was on the dresser across the room, and I heard the man who’d helped me out in the living room. I’d decided that these “spiders” were some kind of weapon, and this man could somehow control them. I wanted answers, so I sneaked into the other room to grab my gun. There I found my sister, who was also trained to use a weapon.
“Do you have your gun on you,” I asked.
“Always,” she replied as she pulled a revolver from beneath her jacket.
“Good. Listen, there’s a guy in here that I need some answers from, and I need your help. He’s in the living room. Just follow me in there and go stand by the front door, at least ten feet away so he can’t grab you or your gun. If he tries anything, shoot him in the legs.”
With that, we headed into the living room. He had apparently expected me to be unconscious much longer, and he had no idea that my sister would be there with me. I demanded to know what was going on and why I was attacked. He dove into the kitchen and reached for a gun. I was aiming at his chest and I pulled the trigger. Gun jam. I pulled harder. Still nothing. I manually ejected that cartridge and finally, as he was leveling his gun on me, I got a shot off. I hit him in the right shoulder just as Kathy shot and hit him in the thigh. He dropped his gun and I went for it as I heard a vehicle come to a skidding halt outside, and then many feet running toward my house. We ran into the bathroom, locked the door, and busted the window out so we could escape.
As all the men came rushing into my house, Kathy and I lunged out the window and began running down the street. One man had stayed outside in their truck, and he came sprinting after us. He was just about on me and was pulling out a gun, so I turned, shot him twice, and kept running. We ran several blocks, and once we’d put some distance between us and them, we started darting between houses and trying to get to a safe place.


Bethany Jo said...

going to have to start checking this one again --- i was so excited when i saw a new one! :)

jlh said...

Dude, you need to lay off the Meat Lover's Pizza after 10:00 PM!!!

lol, hey, sounds like the beginning of quite a novel.

Anonymous said...

You shoot too much...