Wednesday, April 4, 2007

underwater nanos

I was scuba diving with Ted when he pulled a pink ipod nano out of his pocket to show me how they could function underwater. As he was showing me, I reached my hand into the pocket of the wetsuit I was borrowing from him and found another pink nano. When we surfaced later, I asked Ted why he had two nanos. He said the one I found wasn’t his…it must have floated into my pocket somehow. I spent the next several days trying to figure out whose ipod it was using the music and videos that were on it. I never found the owner, so I asked Ted if I could just keep it since I was the one that found it. He said no and took it away from me.
A few days later I was in my bathroom getting ready to shave. Ted was standing in the doorway and I asked him to move so that I could shut the door. He just stood there looking at me. I was still a little annoyed about the ipod thing, so I just started to shut the door in his face. He whipped a bottle of hair spray out of his pocket and sprayed me straight in the eyes. It shot out in a stream and blinded me like pepper spray. Now I was angry so I shoved my shaving cream-covered hand in his face and pushed him into the hallway. He continued to spray me in the face with his hair spray until I slammed the bathroom door.

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